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1.The following process is our procedure of handling organic waste in our factory.

  1. Weighting
    Organic waste is sent by truck to the factory. The truck will go to the scale for weighting and use GPS system to report its position to the controlling center in the Environment Protection Bureau to confirm that the waste is really sent to the factory for disposal.
  2. Discharging
    Organic waste is discharged inside the discharging area in the factory for further process.
  3. First Fermentation
    By using conveyor system for sending organic waste to the first fermentation machine and put in bacteria for fermentation and decomposing process. The process will be completed in 5 hours.
  4. Second Fermentation
    Organic waste will be sent to the second fermentation area for further fermentation for the next 2 weeks. We use our special machine to toss and turn the waste for fast fermentation.
  5. Blending for making organic fertilizer
    The decomposed organic waste will be sent out from the second fermentation area and sent to blending area for about one week. We will add in more ingridient for making qualified organic fertilizer.

2.Our specialty

  1. We use bio-tech to quickly and fully decompose organic waste and make it into fertilizer.
  2. We can complete our fermentation in two weeks. It is much faster than any other solution, therefore we can reduce handling cost.
  3. We do not use gas or electricity to heat up our machine for quick fermentation purpose, it also helps to reduce cost and reduce carbon emission.
  4. We have passed all the serious challenge for the odor test. We keep the odd smell from fermentation under very good control.

3.We can help you to establish new factory for handling organic waste.

  1. We have handled organic waste for city of Taipei for more than one year. Our performance record is very outstanding. We now also have three licencied fertilizers in the market for organic farming,
  2. Our odor controlling and removing system is also one of our new creation. We can control odd smell from fermentation to meet environment protection bureau's requirement.
  3. We can help to establish new factory for handling organic waste. Please contact us for further detail.

4.Processing procedure

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